Why Do Men Love Lesbians?

 Listening to guys talk, I’ve asked myself
why they think it’s hot to catch two women
in a clutch, I mean, to watch lesbians
loving each other. Women don’t like men
in a parallel position. Men’s sex
excludes us, so we’d ignore such a pose.

In Playboy, girls hold each other and pose,
airbrushed and immaculate. I myself
don’t think they’re thinking at all about sex
but about making more bucks than women
do who stay clothed (yet less than many men).
I doubt that the playmates are lesbians.

I don’t think guys want to see lesbians,
to have real-life, full-fledged dykes strike a pose,
but to believe these babes get off on men
and on petting their friends’ breasts. (I myself
can appreciate beautiful women
although I’m not turned on by my own sex.)

It’s not just flesh rags. Fashion mags sell sex
when they hawk clothes by showing “lesbians”
snaking lean arms around other women,
their faces a blank as they hold the pose,
human hangers for stuff which I myself
long to buy (like other women and men).

Well, I suppose that both women and men
are trained to consume beauty, and, yes, sex
sells. We’re vulnerable (even myself).
But I don’t crave gay men (or lesbians),
don’t lust for them, so why do you suppose
my brethren feel this way about women?

Maybe it’s because sex between women
doesn’t even seem like sex to most men,
only some form of foreplay, a sly pose
of lust. (Without a penis, what is sex?)
Love is in soft focus with lesbians
(which sounds wrong although I don’t know, myself).

I can’t speak for all women, just myself,
but I bet that men turn off lesbians
when they impose themselves upon their sex.