Everything turns into tape. It (check one)
        puts the multiples on a loop     (1)
        reduces all numbers to one       (2)
        or raises them to the infinite    (3)

Did you check two (2) of the above?         Why?

Noon. Random signals of varying intensity go pop! together
                        creating WHITE NOISE
                                                                         at this “point”
                     1           = the unit which they share
                     ½          = the width of the tape in inches
                     2           = the number of possible directions 
                                  = the speed in inches per second

                    ERRORS IN RECORDING:
The tape gets twisted into 56 kinds of
Backward/forward Riemannian fuckup torques,
Io-thumbed Disney-pig hair curler ring tails
All caused by dumb mistakes in sorting.
How do you tell direction in space
From direction in time with your fingers?

                                  Tape goes forward, time goes forward
                                  Tape goes backward, time goes where?
                                  Who knows where the time goes?
                                  Maybe into Tape Storage ?


                              If I can save you
                              any time come on                (sings)
                              give it to me I’ll
                              keep it with mine

                                    I mean:


                          and firecracker wheels of peakless soaring suns.