I dunno about this Euphues.
Lyly’s language is gorgeous,
of course, occasionally irritating,
too, so you feel satisfied
to have the experience just
behind you. you get up and go outside
and have a hot dog in the sunlight and
think about the conjunctions,
those pinions
that allow our sentences to rotate in mid-course:
“The afternoon was mild, although not yet over,”
placing the dependent clause in direct opposition
to the main clause, like a woman who suddenly
turns to face you and it takes
your breath away—there is a moment
of silence and intensity—the boats
are frozen on the bay and no little doggie barks.
  “I’ve been meaning to say something to you …”
she begins. And your heart
sinks: something massive
is about to happen,
you will be joined to this woman
with a tremendous force, something like
gravity, in which
hats float down onto our heads and we smile.