Now coming up on scherzo,
simulated situation based on big, big trouble.
Word good as broken-down bond,
suspicious circumstances veer off
into thruway marauders with wooden gourds,
virgin tots and oldsters offered up for sugar cubes.
Stubble got on underdog statuary,
stubble, half-eaten steel-plated tuna-on-rye,
stubble, dandruff on cowlick,
stubble epileptic shot-glasses on shelves,
stubble cancer spansules
floating down on the electorate
trucked in from Bosnia,
unscathed module of fezzes and loin-cloths,
weird to peer under shrubs in his likeness.
Based on actual wars, that park,
real-life guns and kitchen implements
pointing at old man ankle-skin and hair.
They left office so fast!
Food drops in the mine warrens resumed.
Pine barrens cordoned off, resumed.

Now coming up on the obligatory slow movement.
Have a protracted adolescence, you dudes,
wandering through dark misty barns,
feisty bites on the kisser,
tracing trolley tracks through the rain forest.
One poignant moment worth a recap:
foetus sees giant foot.
Giant foot sees giant centipede.
Then the technicalities take over,
pushing us to the sidelines.