Dear Perry,

I am so tired. So very tired that I started writing this letter all wrong. Haven’t been any too well and hot weather coming on. I have a very sore thumb on my right hand. But I never give up my work. I never have gotten all my housecleaning done as yet but except to maby before long. I don’t know why I am telling you all this for I suppose you wouldn’t give a hang about what I do or say. Anyway, I have never forgotten what you told me to do, go on your way, and you would go on yours. Well that did it. I am trying to do just that and keep straight. I never go out at night dancing. I haven’t danced since before I was married to Mr. Culp. But I often thought I would love to dance, especially when I hear good music over the radio. I use to love to hear poor Buddy Clark sing. His voice was very good. For Carnation Contented Hour. You remember. Well Perry, I have heard you say you still loved me. But, I still think that would be a big mistake,for I am up in years and you are still a young man. You had better think it all over and marry a young lady. I really believe Connie loves you for I heard her sing “if I Could Only Make Him Love Me.” We can be friends and when you and she get married you can call on me. I will never marry again. I am very sorry to tell you this. Why haven’t you ever written me a line if you love me so much? This is the 14th letter. This was very painful for my thumb. I think the nail will come off. Don’t have hopes of getting me to marry you. It’s all over. Lot’s of good luck to you and who ever you get. But not me. As ever your friend,

Jessie Lee Culp