A married man is in love with me. Everyone has something to say.

“Again?” Carl says. Carl used to be a heartbreaker, blond and beautiful, but has given it up. This is now: he refuses to walk on the women who fall at his feet. He is in love with a person whose field is Women and Media. She is older. She has a life, it’s in another city. She loves him too. “Younger women are impossible. They have nothing to say. Is this guy bullshitting you?” 

“When are you going to see him again?” Michelle says. She is seeing a man who sees other women. It’s all up front. When she explained how important her birthday was he arranged to take her to dinner to celebrate. She has a right to her feelings. It is good to talk these things over. Think of time as events connected by space. Look back, there’s a past, it makes a story. Michelle believes I will never know when I will see this man I am involved with again. So there is no future.

Carl and Michelle are my friends, they love me. They want me to be h…