The Review

The Paris Review No. 224

Charles Johnson on the Art of Fiction: “A novel is a special site where philosophy and fiction can meet, and that’s what I’m interested in.” Elena Poniatowska on the Art of Fiction: “One does not develop a style. One develops oneself.”

The second installment of a novel by Katharine Kilalea. New fiction by Kathleen Collins, Rachel Cusk, Danielle Dutton, Chia-Chia Lin, JoAnna Novak, and Joy Williams.

Poems by Peter Cole (with art by Terry Winters), Mónica de la Torre, Michael Hofmann, Ishion Hutchinson, Major Jackson, Nick Laird, Dorothea Lasky, Ange Mlinko, and Alejandra Pizarnik.

A portfolio by Etel Adnan.

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